SKINCARE | ☃ How to Stay Moisturized this Winter ☃ Lips, Eyes, Face and the Rest!!

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If you know a little bit about me by now, you probably noticed that I hang out on Twitter a lot!

The reason I do that is not only to keep you updated on my new Blog posts and Channel uploads,  but also to get to know you through your tweets.

That brings me to this post.  I know most of my readers and followers are US, Canada and Europe, which means it's winter there.  

I keep reading your tweets asking about how to take care of your skin, or complaining about how the cold weather cracks your hands, or your current moisturizer is too oily for your face, etc etc etc.  I totally understand your concern because having tight or dry skin can be terribly uncomfortable.   We have the same problem with extreme warm weather, strong sunlight or even the sea salt can be very hard on your skin too.

You know what they say "the universe is curve, so extremes ALWAYS end up meeting".  

So, without further ado... these are MY picks when it comes to keeping my ENTIRE body moisturized!

1♥ LIPS!   CeraLip La Roche Posay
How long have I been using it?
Almost 4 years!
How frequently do I use it?
Every single day, all year long, in the morning before my makeup and in the evening before going to bed!
Why do I use it?
It is, by FAR, the most EFFECTIVE product to prevent lip dryness that I have personally EVER tried!  And it's the ONLY La Roche Posay product I buy regularly. Plus it looks like Lipgloss on!

2 EYES!  NIVEA Aqua Sensation

How long have I been using it?
At least 2 years!
How frequently do I use it?
Every single day, all year long, after I cleanse my skin in the evenings, and sometime before I apply my makeup, because I have 2 dry patches next to my nose!
Why do I use it?
It soaks in super fast!  It's hypoallergenic, and anything else I've tried I'm allergic to :(  Also, it prevents wrinkles and helps me apply my Concealer more smoothly!

3♥ FACE!  Clinique Redness Solutions Daily Relief Cream

How long have I been using it?
3 years!
How frequently do I use it?
Every single day,in the morning and in the evenings.
Why do I use it?
It's specifically designed to reduce Redness caused by allergic Rosacea flares, and ultra sensitive skin because one of it's ingredients is green tea!  It's also light, NOT OILY AT ALL! Which is important to me, so I don't end up looking greasy!


Maim Deep Sea Products Whipped Cream Body Lotion

 How long have I been using it?
3 months!
How frequently do I use it?
Every single day after my shower.
Why do I use it?
 I fell in LOVE with this product because:
A) It's EASY & QUICK to apply on my body because it's like a mousse, foam or whipped cream, like the name says!
B)  It absorbs SUPER fast, so I can apply it and get dressed immediately after!
C)  It leaves a wonderful soft scent that makes me feel sexy!  LOL

Dead Sea Cosmetics Sendual Dead Sea Body Butter

How long have I been using it?
2 years!
How frequently do I use it?
About once a month, when I'm having a super dry leg situation!  Which mostly happens after waxing :)
Why do I use it?
 It is SUPER rich and deeply moisturizes my legs and  elbows!

Did that help?  Hope so!!!
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