MAKEUP | Naked Palette Tutorial: Day Look!

A makeup look that enhances your natural beauty is all about balance.  
"Less is more" they say... right?  And I believe, this is especially true for Daytime looks!  

Neutral shades play a very important part in achieving a nice natural glowy look. So, today I'm going to share with you a very easy tutorial for a quick everyday wear look using NAKED Palette.  

This tutorial was requested by one of my Youtube subscribers, Kristy, after my review on NAKED Palette!

So let's jump right into the step by step notes & pictures to help you achieve this look using your NAKED Palette!


REAL LIFE | My Wedding Dress! (Part2: Religious Ceremony)

I know many young girls dream of their wedding.  MY biggest dream growing up, was not so much the wedding itself, but actually finding my true love.

Someone to share everything with, and that I could never get enough of.  That to me, is the foundation of the perfect wedding!  No matter how small or fancy.

That said, I was blessed with both: my dream love AND a dream wedding. 

Here's the story in pictures, behind the wedding dress I picked for my Religious Ceremony!


TWITTER | My Twitter Account Got Suspended... AGAIN!

Ok... so my Twitter account got suspended last Saturday!  I know many of you are already aware of this because you have contacted me by e-mail or by Youtube asking me what happened or even disagreeing with Twitter's decision!  You guys are honestly the sweetest people I've known!
So, I kind of feel I have to address this issue, not because I'm concerned, but because it may be useful for you to understand why this happened to me, and how you can avoid having YOUR account suspended!  

Here's the story!

VLOGGING | Sharing The Love!

A couple of months back, on my Announcements post, I proposed a fun way to make a ShoutOut Video together!  And a few of my amazing Youtube subscribers decided to go through with it.
I think the outcome is actually more effective, or more helpful to their channels, than a video of me reading a bunch of channel names, as it is more fun to watch and you actually get to MEET these subscribers!


FOOD | ♥ How to Eat Pasta WITHOUT Gaining Weight! ♥

 Ciao Ragazze!  Hi Girls!

We all know carbs are on everyone's DON'T list when it comes to losing weight or even keeping it down.  I am the type of girl that needs to keep an eye on the quality and quantity of what I eat, to maintain a healthy weight and for that reason I visit a nutritionist for advise once or twice a year.

On my last visit, I picked up a GREAT tip on How to Eat Pasta WITHOUT gaining weight!  And today I thought I'd share my learnings with YOU on this post!

So here are my tips for eating pasta and not regretting it afterwards!


HAIRSTYLES | How to Style Your Bangs! EASY Step by Step!

Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!
How many of you have bangs?

I have 2 layers of bangs of different lengths!  And sometimes I don't even use them.  But I love having them, because I believe they give me more alternatives.  When worn down, bangs are the perfect frame to your face, so styling them is very important!

Here's how I style my bangs in 6 SUPER EASY steps!
Let's get started...


FOOD | What I ate tonight: Salmon Salad!

Ciao Ragazze!

This is my first What I Ate... Blog post.  I guess we all love them, because sometimes it's so hard to think of healthy alternatives to prepare at home, after a long day of work, and it's also nice to have something different each night, just for fun!  So, without further ado...  this is a good, light and low carb alternative for dinner time! I ate this tonight and can't wait to prepare it again! I am in LOVE with Salmon <3

So here's the delicious salad that Mr. Salmon inspired me to make this lovely evening ;) 

Ingredients for 2-3 servings:

SKINCARE | ☃ How to Stay Moisturized this Winter ☃ Lips, Eyes, Face and the Rest!!

Hi Girls!

If you know a little bit about me by now, you probably noticed that I hang out on Twitter a lot!

The reason I do that is not only to keep you updated on my new Blog posts and Channel uploads,  but also to get to know you through your tweets.

That brings me to this post.  I know most of my readers and followers are US, Canada and Europe, which means it's winter there.  

I keep reading your tweets asking about how to take care of your skin, or complaining about how the cold weather cracks your hands, or your current moisturizer is too oily for your face, etc etc etc.  I totally understand your concern because having tight or dry skin can be terribly uncomfortable.   We have the same problem with extreme warm weather, strong sunlight or even the sea salt can be very hard on your skin too.

You know what they say "the universe is curve, so extremes ALWAYS end up meeting".  

So, without further ado... these are MY picks when it comes to keeping my ENTIRE body moisturized!



Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!

I don't know if it's exactly every girl's dream, but having a cute and comfy vanity has been in my wish list for a few months now!  Nowadays, I do have an improvised vanity area, that I can't complain about, but a true designer furniture vanity is what I would love to get for myself some day.

I am the kind of person that can really visualize what I want, to quite a high degree of detail.  So I was shocked when I bumped into this lovely white vanity while visiting a friend!  I just had to share these pictures with you guys to inspire you to dream about this too!  (If you don't have one already!).

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