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You know those products, you just need to review and see for yourself what everybody else is raving about...?  That's was the case of the Naked Palette for me.  I kept seeing reviews on it, and I was like... Hummm Is this Social Media Marketing... or is the product actually THAT amazing?!  Or both maybe :)  As Urban Decay doesn't sell these in my country, ( I know :( ) I asked a friend that was traveling to the US to get one for me, so I could try it out.

Naked 1 or Naked 2?  Hummm... First things first I thought... So let's begin with #01!

First Impressions ...
The palette came in a hard and transparent plastic box, and first thing I noticed was the very cute Urban Decay Primer Potion.  A little silver bottle.  I thought the detail was thoughtful, and a clever way to get me hooked on this primer too !  I also thought it was bigger and heavier than I had pictured it.  Which for me was a plus, because that generally means better quality.  To give you an idea, it is  a little bigger than the palm of my hand.  If that measure makes sense to you.  The weight, makes the palette stable as you hold it, while doing your makeup, and also prevents it from easily knocking it off a table by accident, if you're clumsy when in hurry like me.

On the outside it was...

Completely attractive!  It looked like a high quality and premium item with the velvet fabric and golden inscription: "NAKED".  Still now, I feel it's the most luxurious palette I own, each time I touch it!

In my opinion, it's perfect for...

Traveling!  The eye-shadows seem to be very well protected inside (we all have experienced the heartbreak of opening our luggage to find a broken palette, haven't we?) .  

It's biggest pluses are that...

This palette is 90% shades you'll wear every single day, over and over and no matter what your outfit of that day is!  And that's because it's mostly neutral colors, reason for its name :)

It's good for night time looks too!  The palette's shades are very versatile, and Sidecar, Half Baked, Smog, Dark Horse, Creep and Gun metal are great for achieving party, dinner or night club looks.

The shades are super pigmented.  A little product goes a long way, so you don't need to re apply in order to obtain the true desired shade.  It also means, this palette will last a long time.  That's important, since this is a pricey item.

My favorite shades are...  Virgin, Sin and Sidecar!!!

Any down sides?
After very little use, I noticed the golden Inscription is easily ruined.  Hopefully Urban Decay will notice that in the future (It's a pitty for such a premium product). 

  I think there's some room for improvement in the inner side of its packaging too. It looks  a little rough around the edges of the mirror and the corners.

Post-Impulse Use... any regrets?
No, fortunately this is not the kind of product you use and then store in your drawer.  It is the kind of product I use cautiously because I don't want to run out of it :)

It would be beyond perfection for me if... Urban Decay had a nice pink inside the NAKED Palette there too! And a super shimmery white for highlighting (but VIRGIN & SIN do the trick for me!).

You should know before you buy NAKED Palette 1 that...  there's also Naked Palette 2!  So you may want to look at reviews of NAKED 2 before you make the investment!  I haven't reviewed that one yet (but at a first glance the packaging looked more tidy, but less luxurious).  Hope to be able to get hold of one soon!

Is it worth the money?
I always shop on a budget and this item is very pricey!   I personally think the palette is high quality, and the shades are beautiful, pigmented and wearable.  It's not the kind of palette you'll only use 2 eye shadows and store forever in a drawer. So, in my opinion, a great investment!

Checkout my video-review if you haven't already!
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  1. Aww this palette looks so good! I would love to buy one :) <3


    1. It is a very nice palette indeed! I need to film a tutorial/look using it!
      Thanks for commenting Pink!

  2. Followed you =) I'll see what's going on with my blog

    1. thanks lovely! your support is very much appreciated!

  3. Love Naked 1,especially for summer & fall! The rest of the year I tend to reach for Naked 2!

    1. Thanks Stephanie! You're so lucky! Can't wait to try NAKED 2! <3 Heidi

  4. I've been dying for this for so long, it's so perfect for me! If you find any cheap deals for it I would love if you could let us know!


  5. I sure will Laura! It is indeed an amazing palette!


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