MOTIVATION | Is your life SUNRISE or SUNSET today?

Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!

This weekend I was at the river again, and was blessed with a romantic, beautiful sunset, that triggered a lot of thoughts in my mind.

Being at the presence of nature, makes me realize, many times, how many metaphors can be done with our daily life.  Our inner life.  The ups and downs, the obstacles and the achievements, the good times and the "bad" times, the ying and the yang... the challenges of being alive and daring to feel the emotional roller coaster that's living.

I took my iPhone's notepad, and started pouring all these thoughts and realizations in a few lines.
It's all finally edited together in this video, which I hope you'll receive with all my love....

Dedicated to all of us small anonymous everyday heroes, willing to learn and improve our inner selves... as we walk our paths.
If you liked my Inner Beauty piece, I think you'll enjoy this one too :)

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