BLOGGING TIPS | How I "PROTECT" the Images and Articles in My Blog

Today I was reading my followers' tweets, and one sweet girl was saying how she had had all her blog images stolen from her, and placed in some "creepy website".
As bloggers, and Youtubers we know we're exposed to this, but somehow we're never at peace with this risk and we still don't want this to happen to us.
And to be honest, this could happen to any other non blogger or non Youtuber, due to the existence of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc, etc, etc.
There is no 100% protection for our website's or Social Media contents/shares, etc.  It's just how the internet works right now...

That said, this post is about my imperfect methods to protect the contents in my blog.  
...Just keep reading and I hope these help some of you! 

A)  Disabling Right button/copy blogger (For Blogger Users)

  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard
  2. Select Template tab
  3. Click on Edit HTML > Proceed
     4. Now click CTRL+F and find enter this <body into the search box. 
     5. Copy this small code snippet or a short code word.

oncontextmenu="return false;"

     6. Refresh your blog with CTRL+F5 and try to right click. 
     7. Try right clicking, it should be disabled now!

The above works on Blogger's Dynamic views too!

For better protection, you may also disable text and image selection on Blogger.  I haven't tried this one yet, but I don't think it works for Bloggers Dynamic Views.  Just FYI  Click to know about it 

I learned this from Deepak Kamat's blog .  You can check that option out in more detail there.

Ok, so now you have disabled right click on Blogger, but you don't have to be a genius to know this doesn't  necessarily mean your images are protected....

Anyone can take a screenshot of your blog picture, crop it and save it (I'm not trying to give bad guys any ideas, it's just vox populi).  Or they could just save the page on their browser or pick up the picture through Google Images. Just to name a few things.

So, in my opinion, A is only a nice way of saying "please, don't copy my content... Thank You!" and frankly works better for text than for images.

The second thing I do is a little more time consuming, but I think it's the closest way I could find to protect my pictures, and that's watermarking them.

B) Watermarking my Images

I use Paint .NET for this.  It's a an Open Source, FREE and very POWERFUL tool for digital Photo Editing You can download it from here http://www.getpaint.net/ .

These are the steps to watermark an image using Paint .NET

1. Open Paint.net.
2. Before beginning make sure the layers window is available by going to the Windows drop down menu and selecting them if it is not visible.
3. Go to the File drop down menu and click on open to find and open one of your digital images.
4. Go to the Layers drop down menu and select Add New Layer.
5. Go to the Layers window on the bottom right side, and unselect the layer with your picture. You should now be looking at a gray and white checkered background.
6. Go to the Tools window on the left and choose the text button.
7. Go to the Colors window and choose white as your color. Then write what you want your watermark to say on the gray and white checkered layer. Center what you've typed as best you can.
8. Go to the Layers window and select your picture again. You won't be able to see your watermark.
9. Double click on the layer where you typed what you wanted your watermark to say. This will bring up the Layer Properties window for that layer.
10. Change the Layer mode from Normal to Overlay, and the opacity from 255 to 135. 

That was easy, wasn't it?

My source for these steps is Regina Paul and you can read more at this website .

Again, this will not completely avoid the problem, but between 2 pictures, one with a watermark and one without it, I think they will go for one that hasn't been watermarked.

C)  Selecting Images I upload Carefully 
This is the hardest one, because generally us Bloggers are naturally inclined towards sharing.  That's why we start on this, and that's also why our readers come back.  My criteria is not uploading images that could be misinterpreted or useful to compose another image.   I generally don't put much thought on product images, but I do think about images in which I'm in, or my husband is in. I try, with my limited knowledge of photography, that these look as professional as possible or add a pink color frame, etc, so that they will pop as out of place somewhere else.  If that makes any sense to you.  And with that I mean, they will look as what they are... stolen!  

Helpful?  Hope so!  :)

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