REAL LIFE | My City Hall Wedding Dress!

Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!

For those of you into fashion, planning a wedding or dreaming about one, I just thought I'd share a few wedding pictures of my City Hall Wedding Dress!

I simply adore this dress.  I would describe it as romantic!  So, perfect for a wedding!  It was actually one dress over another one.  The  petticoat underneath was a stronger champagne color, and the dress on top was translucent with many embroidered little flowers of a Creamy Champagne color.  It also had a silk champagne lace as a belt at the waist (see the picture below).

BLOGGING TIPS | How I "PROTECT" the Images and Articles in My Blog

Today I was reading my followers' tweets, and one sweet girl was saying how she had had all her blog images stolen from her, and placed in some "creepy website".
As bloggers, and Youtubers we know we're exposed to this, but somehow we're never at peace with this risk and we still don't want this to happen to us.
And to be honest, this could happen to any other non blogger or non Youtuber, due to the existence of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc, etc, etc.
There is no 100% protection for our website's or Social Media contents/shares, etc.  It's just how the internet works right now...

That said, this post is about my imperfect methods to protect the contents in my blog.  
...Just keep reading and I hope these help some of you! 


MOTIVATION | Is your life SUNRISE or SUNSET today?

Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!

This weekend I was at the river again, and was blessed with a romantic, beautiful sunset, that triggered a lot of thoughts in my mind.

Being at the presence of nature, makes me realize, many times, how many metaphors can be done with our daily life.  Our inner life.  The ups and downs, the obstacles and the achievements, the good times and the "bad" times, the ying and the yang... the challenges of being alive and daring to feel the emotional roller coaster that's living.

I took my iPhone's notepad, and started pouring all these thoughts and realizations in a few lines.
It's all finally edited together in this video, which I hope you'll receive with all my love....

MAKEUP | My Review on NAKED Palette 1

You know those products, you just need to review and see for yourself what everybody else is raving about...?  That's was the case of the Naked Palette for me.  I kept seeing reviews on it, and I was like... Hummm Is this Social Media Marketing... or is the product actually THAT amazing?!  Or both maybe :)  As Urban Decay doesn't sell these in my country, ( I know :( ) I asked a friend that was traveling to the US to get one for me, so I could try it out.

Naked 1 or Naked 2?  Hummm... First things first I thought... So let's begin with #01!

First Impressions ...


Get Ready with Me! Everyday Hair & Makeup Look

Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!

I finally decided to do the "Get Ready with Me" video showing my everyday hair and makeup look.  It was so much fun!  And I learned so much editing it too! 

Back to my everyday hair and makeup look.  Right now, I prefer a more neutral natural look, and a straight hair style.  

Even though the video is really quick, I think about 3 minutes, this actually takes me at least 20 minutes, if I'm not in a hurry and if my hair is already washed and blow dried.  
I got some comments asking specifically how I achieved the eye look. If you're interested in learning more about that too... feel free to checkout the tutorial video I made on that called "Secrets to a Wearable Winged Eye".  

Here's the list you requested of the products I used in this video 

How to make my Grandma's German Apple Crumble - Full Recipe!

Have you noticed how our emotions and memories are intimately linked to certain types of foods or recipes we grew up enjoying?
Even though I was born in Argentina, my origins are European.  I'm mostly Italian, but I also have Germany in my heart & blood :)  My dad's mother was from Heidelberg Germany, and she's remembered by her loved ones, not as a great psychologist, which she was, but as a fabulous and dedicated cook!

So, the main reason I learned to make this German Apple Crumble,  is that it's my father's favorite dessert And I'm also glad he's able to remember his mother, through this.

You can all imagine at this point, I'm sharing this family recipe, as something very special to me.
It's really easy and I hope you all try it and send me pictures of your own German Apple Crumbles!

So, as I promised after making the tutorial video  "How to make my Grandma's German Apple Crumble" , here are the complete recipe and step by step notes.

Let's get started with the ingredients!


INNER BEAUTY | Be Inspired by my most loved video!

I was overwhelmed by the amazing response I got to my Inner Beauty video.  So many lovely comments from you guys make me feel that it actually touched some hearts...  And all I can say is THANK YOU!   As I told many of you, I wrote this piece I'm reading throughout the video, thinking of US, girls.  It came straight out of my heart.  

So many of my subscribers on TheInsideOutBeauty Channel and many of my Twitter followers, have reached out to me saying "I think I'm ugly"

This broke my heart at first, but then I saw an opportunity to start making videos about what my channel was really about.


VLOGGING | How to post a video response on Youtube

Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!

Due to my upcoming  shoutout video, many subscribers willing to participate have shared with me that they don't know how to post a video as a video response on Youtube. 
That's why I decided to do this very brief post to help you guys out!
Posting your video as video response to another one on Youtube is SOOO easy!!!

Follow these steps:

1- Go to the comments section of my ANNOUNCEMENTS video (or any video you wish to leave a video response to on Youtube)
2- Instead of commenting, click inside the comment box, and select the link that says "create a video response"

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