Don't you just feel sometimes that your winged eye looks too dramatic?
The secret lies in drawing really thin and precise lines.
But, how could you do this... easily?!
Keep on reading to learn the steps no one told you about before, to achieve a more delicate and wearable winged eye.

Here's a quick tutorial in pictures! Let's get started!

Here are the products you'll need for this tutorial:

Maybelline New York Line Definer Liquid Eyeliner - Noir/Black

Rimmel London's Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer - 26 Noir/Black

♥  Maybelline New York Falsies Mascara - Black

STEP 1:  Take  Maybelline New York Line Definer Liquid Eyeliner  in black and draw the wing on the outer corner of your eye by lining and extending the upper lash line at a similar angle as the lower lash line.  I recommend you use this product to make this step easier, as it has a very precise applicator.

STEP 2:  Take Rimmel London's Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer, and line the upper waterline of your eye.  Then, line the lower waterline aswell, but only its outer corner.

STEP 3:  Take Maybelline New York's Falsies Mascara in black and apply a few coats to your lashes.

The secret of getting an extremely thin line lies in only using the liquid eye liner to create the wing, and not to line the entire eyelash line.

If you're interested in watching the full VIDEO tutorial and in seeing the final look, just click on the below (and don't forget to comment & subscribe!). 


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  1. Eye Liner and Mascara are my favorite makeup products to use.. I would live without everything else if I can just have my Mascara at least! I look like a different person without it because my lashes just disappear! But a Winged liner sure does help :) I am following now.. for some reason I thought I was already.. hmmm.. thanks for reading mine. I have a lot of older posts with a lot of makeup tips and skincare facts but the "people" seem to just want to know about the latest and greatest makeup , which I love too but there is a lot more to it then having the makeup.. you have to know how to apply it, isn't that right? Great post.. this is the kind of blog I love to read!

  2. I agree! My lashes are super, super blonde... they're actually pretty long, but you can't see them without mascara either. So mascara is an ESSENTIAL!!! Though on certain times of the month I would die without foundation!!! Thanks so much for your support Leslie! Your blog is GREAT too!


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