INNER BEAUTY | Is meeting social and media BEAUTY STANDARDS driving you CRAZY?

Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!

If you're reading these lines, chances are you've felt in your own skin the unspoken and unwritten pressure of achieving an unrealistic body image.  I don't need to remind you about  the constant message sent to us by some media and some people in our society  "be beautiful at all costs" in order to be successful/loved/fit in... you fill in the blank.

Here's a fact: PERFECTION,  on earth, only exists in the dictionary.  So, PLEASE wipe that word out of your mind TODAY!    

Have you been through the pages of your favorite fashion magazine lately, and now you're feeling a little down?

Think about it for a second:

  • It takes 3-4 hours to style, do hair and makeup to an already gorgeous supermodel.
  • Even though she's probably naturally stunning, it's her job to look her best, so because of this, while you're at the office or wherever you work at, sitting at your desk all day long, she spends a fair amount of time taking care of herself, including a 2-3 hour work out at the gym or with a personal trainer.
  • Very often some models also use botox or minor cosmetic surgery, even the younger ones.
  • Add some posing training, to get the best angle for her features and body, a professional photographer, the perfect lighting, a 2-3 hour photo shoot to take dozens or hundreds of pictures until they carefully select the best one...
  •  ... only to give it to the Photoshop expert for further tricks and digital enhancements.
And voilá!  You get that "perfect" picture of that impossible role model.  You go to the mirror, you look at yourself and then you do the worst possible thing: compare.

It's right then, at that precise moment when you start feeling depressed and overwhelmed and this heavy task of meeting that imposed beauty standard you see in that picture.
The reason you feel that way is that you forgetting all that's BEHIND what appears to be a simple picture.

Am I beautiful?, you ask yourself.  I can ASSURE you that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, SPECIAL and absolutely UNIQUE.

TheInsideOut Beauty Blog & YouTube Channel, are about looking at all things beautiful in life within us and bringing them out by transmitting more confidence and self love to others.

Sure, our discussions include makeup tricks and other beauty products and subjects, but from a different angle.

Think about the word makeup... what does it mean to make something up?  It means to create an illusion, to make believe something that is not real.
So let's start having fun enhancing our NATURAL beauty, to match our INNER beauty, but without actually BUYING the illusion.

Seize the day!  Have fun!  Decide to be happy!  LOVE YOURSELF!

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  1. I love you so much for writing this! We are beautiful people and it's about time we started believing it!

  2. Thank you! I think we all need to be reminded of this.

  3. Thank you for reading my thoughts on this Sweetie! :)

  4. Beautiful post and important reminder. ♥


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