BEAUTY | HOW TO: SHINY nails WITHOUT NAIL POLISH !!! - Part 2: The Tutorial

Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!
If you are into the natural and healthy look for your nails, today's post is just for you. I´m going to show you exactly how I achieve the shiniest looking nails.

I thought a video would be perfect for this.  So, here's my Tutorial on Deep Sea Cosmetics Nail Kit Treatment, that shows you step by step how to give yourself a nice manicure at home, that's long lasting and leaves your nails super shiny without using nail polish.  I got so many views on my Part 1 (Product Review) video that I figured I would expand on this further, since there was so much interest.

Here are the before and after shots, to give you an idea of what can be achieved by using this Deep Sea Cosmetics Nail Kit, or similar products/dupes.

I spent a lot of time filming and editing this tutorial, so I truly hope you enjoy it and find it concise and useful.  Just click below to watch the tutorial.  Also, please don't forget to follow me on Twitter @theioBeauty and to subscribe to my Channel, so I can keep making these videos for you!

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