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Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!

I've been meaning to share with you my favorite drugstore lipsticks for a while, and today I finally found a moment to write this post.   I have to admit, I was more of a liploss lover than a lipstick lover... before I tried these lipsticks! These 3 lipsticks are from Maybelline New York and they have  amazing shades.

  • 862 Golden Pearl - Color Sensational 
This lipstick has an adorable and versatile soft nude color, with a little golden shimmer.  It is perfect for a very natural look or to wear on top of a lip stain, or another color stay or mat lipstick, instead of lipgloss.

  • 255 Mauve Diamonds - Color Sensational
This shade is a  grayed purple with a lot of diamond shimmer in it.  Just like 862, it is light and can be worn on its own, for a natural look or on top of another lipstick.
  • 205 Nearly There 
This was the very first Maybelline lipstick I actually fell in love with.  This shade is a medium dark pink with golden shimmer.  Many reviews compare it to Rimmel London Summer Angel and many others say it's a dupe for Mac's famous Viva Glam!  I haven't yet tried any of the two, but from the pictures and swatches I have to admit there seems to be quite a resemblance between them.
Although none of these claim to be long lasting... 

I have found that the Color Sensational Line's shimmer does last for hours on my lips, even thought the pigment does wear off a little quicker.  But it was surprising for me when I noticed the shimmer and that moist look it gives my lips was still there after +4 hours. Even after having drunk and eaten!

Another important thing that I love about 862 and 255 is that...    they are VERY hydrating and they even smell like Cocoa Butter.  So it is possible hey do have some Cocoa Butter in them.   Nearly there 205 instead is A LOT more drying to my lips, in my opinion, but the color is absolutely gorgeous!!!  So, to me it is still worth a little dryness! And I can always moisturize with my La Roche Possay Ceralip later.

Here you can see pictures with swatches of all 3!

Keep in mind my skin is super pale, so you have a reference as to what these pigments are applied on.

Please, just click to enlarge and don't forget to comment!

Hope this was helpful guys :)

Seize the day!  Have fun!  Decide to be happy!  LOVE YOURSELF!

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  3. So glad you also like these Atinuke ! And thanks so much for taking the time to read & comment. It means a lot to me <3 Heidi


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