FASHION | ACCESSORIES !!! Curious about my favorite pieces?

Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!

I finally took the time to take pictures of my favorite accessories, so that I could share them with you in!

 First one is a 5 piece metal bracelet, that imitates a snake like pattern.  I like this one because all the bracelets are connected together in one, and I can't loose them!  Believe me, that's a plus for me :)  This I bought at a store called Isadora, here in my country, and though I can't remember the exact price it was quite inexpensive as most of the things in that store, but its quality is amazing!

Next, I have this brown leather necklace, with a rigid silver chain.  This one was a present which I loved and it is from a brand called Indian Style.  I think it is perfect for any summer outfit, especially if you're using neutral and fresh colors. The leather makes it quite unique.  This is also a piece you may want to wear alone, meaning with no other accessories, as it has a lot of presence and personality.


This necklace I've had for such a long time I cannot even remember when or where I bought it.  It has several grape like honey brown stones and is also perfect for the summertime or to go with a strapless dress or top.  It matches perfectly with orange!

 Next, I have this gipsy style earrings, with old silver coins hanging.  These are the perfect earrings to go with a bun or any up-do.  I usually wear them on their own, because they are a statement piece. And as I said before, these pieces have a very strong presence, and there's always a risk of looking like you're a Christmas tree!  You know what they say: "less is more"!  You can see me wear these at my What's in My Purse video .

For the last couple of summers, I've just been absolutely in love with turquoise jewelry!  This necklace I got at Indian Style, and it caught my eye because it has a big drop like turquoise stone.  The necklace is also perfect for girls like me with shorter necks, because it is a very long one, and it gives the illusion of a longer neck, as opposed to a short necklace. 


These are my favorite pair of earrings.  I literally wear them all the time.  I just love them because they look well with almost any outfit, elegant or casual.  The main reason I got them in the first place was because I was looking for a pair of earrings that I wouldn't have to take off when I went to bed.  And these are very comfortable because they don't pierce my neck when I lay your head in a pillow.


This ring is a beautiful silver flower with a crystal stone in the center and was a gift from my Mom.  One of the things I love about it, is that it's quite a unique design. This is another example of statement jewelry, that will grab a lot of attention when worn.  It is also a re-sizable ring!


This is turquoise expandable bracelet.  This bracelet is really light and good quality even though it is mainly plastic! This is also another accessory I got at Isadora.


This is a turquoise leather ring I got at Indian Style.  It has the same texture as the brown leather necklace above.  This actually looks like hand painted leather.  I love everything about this ring, and it is also re-sizable!

These turquoise and silver stone earrings are to die for!  And although they don't look that way, they're so light which is great for my ears.  This is another pair I enjoy showing and that's why I would usually wear them with my hair up.  You can see me wear these at my Benefit Benetint vs Benefit Posietint Review & Tutorial video .

Click below to watch my Favorite Accesories/Jewelry video to see these pieces in more detail.
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  1. Oh my GOSH! you have some amazing taste in jewelry! the first bracelets are my FAV! And I would love to support you all I can.. I do not do videos but I understand the time and sacrifice it takes to keep up with posting. I would love to mention you on my blog if that is okay? I think your awesome and I love both your video and blog material.. thanks for your interaction.

  2. thanks Leslie! I'm glad you liked the bracelet! I love it too! Thanks for understanding the work behind my blog... Of course you do! You blog too! OMG! Would you really mention me on your blog?! Thant would be amazing!!! How can you be this sweet?!!!

  3. I Love Isadora!! I get lost every time i get in their store ;) and i agree with you, the quality of their jewelry is very good compare to their prices ! Im also in love for several years to the turquise stone and every stone or gem that has that colour ( aquamarine for instance) <3 Kisses Bella!

  4. Thanks Princesa! We have so much in common! I'm always curious about what they have inside... And those pearls, since I wrote this I bought a couple of extra ones, many people think they're real!


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