BEAUTY | Favorite Drugstore Lipsticks !

Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!

I've been meaning to share with you my favorite drugstore lipsticks for a while, and today I finally found a moment to write this post.   I have to admit, I was more of a liploss lover than a lipstick lover... before I tried these lipsticks! These 3 lipsticks are from Maybelline New York and they have  amazing shades.

  • 862 Golden Pearl - Color Sensational 
This lipstick has an adorable and versatile soft nude color, with a little golden shimmer.  It is perfect for a very natural look or to wear on top of a lip stain, or another color stay or mat lipstick, instead of lipgloss.

  • 255 Mauve Diamonds - Color Sensational
This shade is a  grayed purple with a lot of diamond shimmer in it.  Just like 862, it is light and can be worn on its own, for a natural look or on top of another lipstick.
  • 205 Nearly There 
This was the very first Maybelline lipstick I actually fell in love with.  This shade is a medium dark pink with golden shimmer.  Many reviews compare it to Rimmel London Summer Angel and many others say it's a dupe for Mac's famous Viva Glam!  I haven't yet tried any of the two, but from the pictures and swatches I have to admit there seems to be quite a resemblance between them.
Although none of these claim to be long lasting... 

BEAUTY | HOW TO: SHINY nails WITHOUT NAIL POLISH !!! - Part 2: The Tutorial

Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!
If you are into the natural and healthy look for your nails, today's post is just for you. I´m going to show you exactly how I achieve the shiniest looking nails.

I thought a video would be perfect for this.  So, here's my Tutorial on Deep Sea Cosmetics Nail Kit Treatment, that shows you step by step how to give yourself a nice manicure at home, that's long lasting and leaves your nails super shiny without using nail polish.  I got so many views on my Part 1 (Product Review) video that I figured I would expand on this further, since there was so much interest.

Here are the before and after shots, to give you an idea of what can be achieved by using this Deep Sea Cosmetics Nail Kit, or similar products/dupes.


INNER BEAUTY | Is meeting social and media BEAUTY STANDARDS driving you CRAZY?

Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!

If you're reading these lines, chances are you've felt in your own skin the unspoken and unwritten pressure of achieving an unrealistic body image.  I don't need to remind you about  the constant message sent to us by some media and some people in our society  "be beautiful at all costs" in order to be successful/loved/fit in... you fill in the blank.

Here's a fact: PERFECTION,  on earth, only exists in the dictionary.  So, PLEASE wipe that word out of your mind TODAY!    

Have you been through the pages of your favorite fashion magazine lately, and now you're feeling a little down?

Think about it for a second:



Don't you just feel sometimes that your winged eye looks too dramatic?
The secret lies in drawing really thin and precise lines.
But, how could you do this... easily?!
Keep on reading to learn the steps no one told you about before, to achieve a more delicate and wearable winged eye.

Here's a quick tutorial in pictures! Let's get started!


LONG HAIR CARE | AMAZING FINDING !!! Dove Damage Therapy Review & Tutorial

Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!

 I was just about to spend a lot of money on a permanent straightening treatment called CHI, when I almost accidentally tried this Vital Keratine Shock Treatment from the Dove Damage Therapy Line.
My hair was so damaged and out of control at that point that the freeze made it absolutely unmanageable   I finally had my hair at the exact length I had always dreamed of, but kept using it up in a bun because it looked out of control even after blow drying and using a flat ion!

This product did not only save me a lot of money and headaches... 

FASHION | ACCESSORIES !!! Curious about my favorite pieces?

Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!

I finally took the time to take pictures of my favorite accessories, so that I could share them with you in!

 First one is a 5 piece metal bracelet, that imitates a snake like pattern.  I like this one because all the bracelets are connected together in one, and I can't loose them!  Believe me, that's a plus for me :)  This I bought at a store called Isadora, here in my country, and though I can't remember the exact price it was quite inexpensive as most of the things in that store, but its quality is amazing!

Next, I have this brown leather necklace, with a rigid silver chain.  This one was a present which I loved and it is from a brand called Indian Style.  I think it is perfect for any summer outfit, especially if you're using neutral and fresh colors. The leather makes it quite unique.  This is also a piece you may want to wear alone, meaning with no other accessories, as it has a lot of presence and personality.

BEAUTY | NOV FAVEs!!!! - November 2012 Favorites

 Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!

These are the products I've been loving this month.  Some of these, were actually birthday presents!

So, first I got a gift set of my favorite fragrance, Nina Ricci Elixir.  This set came with a perfumed lotion.  I adore perfumed lotions, because I can use them with the perfume on top, to enhance the fragrance's persistence, or by itself when I want to be gently perfumed after taking a bath or before going to bed :) 

My second November favorite is Dove Damage Therapy Dual Reconstruction Treatment shots.
This product should be on every one of my monthly favorites, because it was life saving for me and my wild long hair!  
I have a review and tutorial on this Dove keratin shots, with a quick comparison with the Pantene ones.  You can check that post by clicking here.

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