HAIRSTYLES | How to: My Favorite Everyday Messy Bun - Hair Tutorial

Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!

Did you know hair tutorials are one of the most requested type of Beauty & Style videos on YouTube?  I know I didn't!

I have a lot of really long wavy and frizzy hair so I usually spend a lot of time trying to make it look good (styling, dying, straightening, applying new products, etc).  Plus, the city we live in has quite a humid climate, so I'm pretty used to bad hair days by now.

Yes, as silly as it may sound, each hair product, each new hair tip I pickup is a new opportunity to have beautiful silky and most of all manageable hair! Some of you may understand what I'm talking about.  Anyways, yesterday I posted a quick hair tutorial on how I make my favorite messy bun.  I started using this hair style a lot lately mainly because it is so quick and easy and I get many compliments when I wear my hair up this way. Go figure!

I can spend up to an hour blow drying and straightening my hair, but a quick 3 minute bun gets more attention!

So, as I said, lately this has been a no-brainer for me... I have so much other stuff to do, that this simple bun makes me look polished and chick, with a fraction of the effort I spend with other hairstyles and leaves plenty of time for me to focus on my makeup and clothes too.

If you're interested in learning in more detail how I make this quick messy bun, just click the video on the right.

Please, let me know if it helped you by liking or commenting <3

Stay beautiful inside, that's the best beauty & anti-age tip of all!  

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  1. That is so cool! My hair is a bit short for it to look elegant like yours, but even without hairgrips it's hanging onto the hairband for dear life! Haha. I have a fringe/bangs too, but I've left it out. It seems to work better that way - if the bun is small, leave the fringe out; if the bun is plentiful, tuck the fringe in. It balances well that way.
    Anyway, thank you for a great no-nonsense tutorial. :)

  2. I really enjoyed the video, it made a huge change from "sock bun" (which I have been using). I have hair the same length as you, maybe a bit longer but it is ridiculously thin due to having radiotherapy about 4 years ago. This makes such a lovely difference and I have just given it a go - SO easy (although my husband thought I had gone bonkers doing my hair at 2.30am!). I put a little dry shampoo in my hair to attempt to give it some volume too which worked brilliantly. I love how easy you explain things too. I have a fringe and had been leaving it out but with your bun tutorial, I could pop them up and still have a lovely "full" looking bun. Thank you! xoxox

  3. "- if the bun is small, leave the fringe out; if the bun is plentiful, tuck the fringe in. It balances well that way."

    I've never thought of it that way, but I kind of do it subconsciously! Love that tip! Thanks so much for your comment!

  4. I LOL thinking of you watching my tutorial at 2:30 am and your hubby wondering "what's she doing" ? Thank you for your compliments. I do hope I explain things in an easy way, because these things are easy... I mean I can do it, so everybody should be able to. If not, it's because I'm not being good in my tutorial. It means a lot that you enjoyed and found this helpful. I agree that dry shampoo helps give extra volume. Thanks for putting that in your comment, so that other girls with thin hair can benefit from your tip! I'm honored that you're reading my blog and taking the time to comment and share such intimate things. You're a great inspiration! Thank YOU! <333

  5. Ha, my husband is quite used to it now! It makes a change from me playing on my PS3!! You really do explain things in an easy way. Sometimes is it hard to get the balance between being condescending or over simplifying and you have got it just right. I am only 3 weeks into this world (beauty blogs and vlogs) and am having a great time.

    I got something in a beauty subscription box last month which would add volume too, it is

    http://shop.alternahaircare.com/product/boho-waves-spray?product_id=16229&category_id=0000041 and boy does it give volume! It is quite expensive for everyday (which is why I use Batiste dry shampoo in either Boho or Brunette as I have dark hair) but works like a dream.

    I love the messy bun do and you have just brought a new dimension to it for me. Too tight and it reminds me of ballet class when I was younger, too messy and I look like my teenage daugher (not a good look for somebody in their 30's!).

    As for sharing something intimate? You have done and brought support to so many, so maybe with one little comment a lady passing by and reading might realise that there are ways round what life throws at us and with just a little lateral thinking xoxox

  6. You're very sweet! Just the type of girls I want around! (Yes, 30s still a girl for me... Your daughter, a baby!). I think you will enjoy my humble new radio segment, check it out, if you haven't... I interviewed a really inspirational woman.

  7. I am actually going to listen to it later today when my better half is up and about so I can have the laptop on loud so that I can enjoy it rather than strain through headphones to hear it properly. I am looking forwards to it very much. As for my daughter being a baby? I have 4 children and my baby is 16 today. 3 boys and 1 girl. They are 16 (b), 17 (g), 18 (b) and 21 (b). Without having to do the math, I was a teenage mum! I only got round to marrying their Dad last year (we have been together since I was 17 and he was 23). Weddings are so expensive and we wanted to spend the money on our family.

    Only 2 hours till my husband gets up and I can hear you interview Michelle Branch!

    Fi xoxox

  8. Very simple and pretty!! Love!




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