MAKEUP | Highlighting & Contouring Tutorial - Benefit Hoola, Benefit 10, and Benefit Highbeam

Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!

I am SO glad I keep getting a ton of pageviews for my Benefit Benetint vs Benefit Posietint post and video.  So, I'm guessing many of my readers are Benefit Cosmetics fans :)
This is why, today I'm bringing you a Highlighting & Contouring Tutorial using 3 of my Holy Grail Benefit products:  Benefit Hoola, Benefit 10, and Benefit Highbeam.
Needless to say, you can contour and highlight your face with many other bronzers and highlighters available in the market or your favorite brands.

We're all beautiful and unique and makeup is only a trick to boost our natural beauty and have some fun in the process.  As I always say, makeup is a lot like painting.   Just like you create the illusion of depth or volume when you paint or draw, the same happens when you contour and highlight your face during a makeup routine.  

Knowing how to contouring and highlight your face is actually really simple, quick and it makes a dramatic difference on your feature's definition and strength.

As a quick general guide (see the pictures below), contouring is about stressing the natural shadows in your face, created by your bone structure, so step 1 is always knowing your face... take a good look at yourself in the mirror.  When used correctly, contouring can help you look slimmer, or narrow the bridge of your nose, just as a few examples...
Highlighting is about adding volume, light and making your features pop, your skin glow and your eyes look brighter.  Here are a couple of pictures showing you with white dotted lines, where you should typically contour and where you should typically highlight your face.

 Here's a link to the YouTube video Tutorial I created as a backup for this post, showing you how I generally Contour & Highlight. 

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Stay beautiful inside, that's the best beauty & anti-age tip of all!

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  1. Thanks for this detailed post! I really enjoyed it. You have a great blog. I'm now following ^_^


  2. I'm a huge fan of contouring! I can't believe I hadn't heard about it until now (I'm 31!! :))


  3. I know what you mean Hillary! Once you start contouring... you just can't stop!

  4. It's too true! I use my sponges even to do it when I'm just wearing tinted moisturizer (and not even foundation!) #hooked #don'tcare :)

  5. I love this post, so helpful! Thanks for sharing. xx


  6. Great post!! I recently purchased the Benefit Cosmetics Rockateur Blush and I'm truly blown away!! Its a must have! Will post on it soon! Def. try! :)
    Tried to play vid but couldn't get it to start.. :-/ Just wanted to let you know! :)

  7. I love this video! It looks easy to follow. My only concern is...does it look somewhat natural? I'm not a big make up wearer by nature, but I'm hoping to get into this. Will every women notice I've been contouring?

  8. Thanks for sharing the vid! Very useful.
    ~Pauline @ http://www.kallony.com.ph/brand/benefit


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