MAKEUP | What's in my travel makeup bag ?

Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!

Just came back from a weekend by the beach, so I thought it would be the perfect time to share the makeup products I usually take with me on a vacation!

I use this Givenchy white leather bag, that I got with an Ange ou Demon perfume gift set a while back.


LONG HAIR CARE | Wild to SUPER STRAIGHT hair using keratin! Hair Tutorial

Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!

I finally decided to make my first hair tutorial to open a discussion on a new trend regarding hair damage repairing in the beauty industry.

It seems to me that all hair beauty brands and salons are doing lately is rave about their new products or treatments with Keratin... 


Some call it protein shocks, which is the same, because keratin IS a protein! To be perfectly honest, I think it's the very first time they all actually have something to brag about.  Do you want to know why and how Keratin will help you get your hair in a better condition, especially if you have a lot of frizz?  Then watch the following tutorial with a demo and more info on the subject.

Hope this helps you as much as it helped me!

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MAKEUP | What's in my Purse Makeup Bag?

Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!

Yesterday I filmed and uploaded my What's in my Purse Makeup Bag, and thought you might be interested in checking out the complete list of the products and a few links to prices I found at Amazon.com , in case you're interested in getting any of these.

 These are the products I carry everyday on my purse makeup bag, to use on the go:

Ceralip Lip Repair Cream La Roche Possay 

HAIRSTYLES | How to: My Favorite Everyday Messy Bun - Hair Tutorial

Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!

Did you know hair tutorials are one of the most requested type of Beauty & Style videos on YouTube?  I know I didn't!

I have a lot of really long wavy and frizzy hair so I usually spend a lot of time trying to make it look good (styling, dying, straightening, applying new products, etc).  Plus, the city we live in has quite a humid climate, so I'm pretty used to bad hair days by now.

Yes, as silly as it may sound, each hair product, each new hair tip I pickup is a new opportunity to have beautiful silky and most of all manageable hair! Some of you may understand what I'm talking about.  Anyways, yesterday I posted a quick hair tutorial on how I make my favorite messy bun.  I started using this hair style a lot lately mainly because it is so quick and easy and I get many compliments when I wear my hair up this way. Go figure!

MAKEUP | Highlighting & Contouring Tutorial - Benefit Hoola, Benefit 10, and Benefit Highbeam

Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!

I am SO glad I keep getting a ton of pageviews for my Benefit Benetint vs Benefit Posietint post and video.  So, I'm guessing many of my readers are Benefit Cosmetics fans :)
This is why, today I'm bringing you a Highlighting & Contouring Tutorial using 3 of my Holy Grail Benefit products:  Benefit Hoola, Benefit 10, and Benefit Highbeam.
Needless to say, you can contour and highlight your face with many other bronzers and highlighters available in the market or your favorite brands.

We're all beautiful and unique and makeup is only a trick to boost our natural beauty and have some fun in the process.  As I always say, makeup is a lot like painting.   Just like you create the illusion of depth or volume when you paint or draw, the same happens when you contour and highlight your face during a makeup routine.  

Knowing how to contouring and highlight your face is actually really simple, quick and it makes a dramatic difference on your feature's definition and strength.
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