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The reason for this post is to share with you, 3 thoughts that I believe have helped me grow and stay positive through difficult times.  It´s quite simple, and anyone can put it into practice...  As many other things in life, the important thing is how you manage to process things in YOUR MIND.... THAT changes it all.  In other words, it's how you can handle turning negative feelings and thoughts into positive ones.

1. You´re NOT alone...
I'm not sure what particular situation has brought you to these lines.  A sick relative, a recent loss, a health issue, frustration, job loss, heart break, disappointment...  No matter what you´re going through right now, it´s important to you, it´s your pain and your own particular way of living with it and relating to this situation that is causing it.

That said, you need to remember that human beings have experienced all these emotions for thousands of years.  In fact, regardless of whether they tell you or not, many people around you (and MILLIONS that you don't know) have gone through similar challenges in their lives.  Some may not feel in an emotional position to share this with you, some may choose to keep those experiences to themselves, but no matter what OTHERS do, you need to remember that MILLIONS have been where you are right now, and have overcome it, and so will YOU.

2. Pain is inevitable... Suffering is optional

Pain is human, it´s everywhere, and, whether we like it or not (and we don´t) it´s PART OF BEING ALIVE. Luckily, so is JOY!  What I´m saying is, YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONE who has experienced pain and won´t be the last one either.  You´re NOT ALONE, and most importantly, you don´t have BAD LUCK, NOR ARE YOU BEING PUNISHED.

If you´re thinking "Why is this happening to me?", "I won't make it!", "This is just too much pain for me"... you´re letting negative thoughts stand in your way of being happy again.  Bad things happen to ALL of us, there are no chosen ones and you´ll find YOUR way OUT... you´ll ADJUST, maybe even learn something and become stronger.

No matter how wrong you think I am right now, IT WILL HAPPEN... you´ll find the STRENGTH and then peace. 

And maybe some day... you´ll help someone with what you learned in that process.  

When any of these last thoughts cross your mind, try to talk back to them. "Of course I´ll make it!", "I´ll find the strength", "Others have done it before"...  Fight your negative thoughts... EVERY single one of them!

Negative thoughts turn pain into suffering, and suffering is optional.  When we start thinking that painful situations are the exception, reserved to just a few unlucky ones, then we're not only EXPERIENCING pain, we´re SUFFERING.  By accepting pain, as part of life, in whatever form it has come to us, we´re REDUCING our suffering.

Keep in mind there´s ALWAYS a bigger reason why we´re experiencing pain. We won´t be able to learn that reason (in the future, looking back) if we're too angry to see and, hence, we get ourselves forever stuck in our moment of suffering.

So, FIGHT your way out with POSITIVE thoughts, you CAN choose NOT to suffer!

3. Everything is temporary...

The third, and probably the most powerful concept that will help us deal with tough times, is to understand and remind ourselves that EVERYTHING we experience in life is TEMPORARY.


The only certainty in life, is that everything changes and transforms into something else.   Our body, our thoughts, our job, our loved ones...  To me this is GREAT NEWS!  Think about it. If everything changes, then WE should be able to change emotionally too and ADAPT to the changes around us.

Life is constant change, and what looks bad right now, may turn into something very different in the future.  Something that hurts deeply, may become our biggest strength a few years from now.  It just may be too soon to see it clear right now.

Take a moment and think of a bad experience you´ve had in the past.  You´ll probably have a few which have vanished, changed, or diminished and don´t represent what they used to anymore.

Remind yourself that, as before, this too will pass. 
...And IT WILL :)

 This is true as well for good times.  So treasure them ALWAYS, and live them with intense and conscious JOY.  LAUGH GOOD TIMES OUT LOUD, LOVE DEEPLY, ENJOY ALL PLEASURES IN LIFE and keep all those AMAZING feelings and experiences in your heart, so that when a rainy day comes by, you´ll have those to remind you that life changes for good too and good times are just around the corner!

I send this out with love and hope to anyone out there who may find these thoughts useful.


You´re free to share your thoughts with me in the comments below and I promise to write back to you :)


  1. The Foreigner GirlJuly 27, 2013 at 1:13 PM

    Beautiful tips! Love them all!
    Nice words to keep remembering!
    Thanks for sharing

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed them! Thank you for leaving a comment to let me know :)


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