SKINCARE | My Skin Care Routine & 11 Skin Care Tips

Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!

Here are the skin care products I've been loving lately. 
I have extra sensitive acne prone skin with a little allergic rosacea , so you will see I try to use extra gentle products.

My Skin Care Routine:

a) Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Extra Mild 3 Steps Step 1
 b) Clinique Redness Solutions Daily Relief Cream
c) Apricot Scrub St Ives
d) Nivea Aqua Sensation
e) Ceralip La Roche Possay

11 Quick Skin Care Tips:

1-  Determine your SKIN TYPE: Research & choose your Skin Care Products carefully, focusing on YOUR particular needs. Keep in mind your skin type may CHANGE over time.

2- Always MOISTURIZE, even if you´re skin is oily.

3- Clean & Moisturize well before you put your foundation on. AND CLEAN and EXFOLIATE AFTER you REMOVE it!

4- Don´t forget YOUR LIPS!  They need exfoliation and moisturizing TOO.

5- DON´T save money on your FOUNDATION!  All the efforts you´re making to take care of your skin, may be ruined if you don´t make the right choice.

6- Drink Mineral Water (4 glasses on everyone of your 4 meals) and CUT BACK ON SODAS!

7- Be CONSISTENT with your skin care routine!  EVERYDAY, TWICE a day.

9- KEEP LOOKING, until you find the right skin care routine for YOU!

10- EMBRACE CHANGE, and be prepared to CHANGE your skin care routine whenever you feel it´s not working for you ANYMORE.

11- If you´re experiencing persistent skin issues, VISIT a DERMATOLOGIST.

Would you like to continue reading about skin care tips?  Then I suggest you go here, and here. :)
If you're interested in watching my Skin Care Routine Video, click below.

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  1. I have been dealing with sensitive dry skin since starting RetinA for acne. The acne is gone but now I always have this horrible dry, flaky skin no matter what I do. I have tried it all with some success but I never realized how exhausting sensitive skin could be.. i have a whole new respect !

    1. Yes, you're 100% right Leslie! Sensitive skin is sooo high maintenance! I need to do an updated skin care routine, I'm using all the Redness Solutions line from Clinique now... and it works very well for me!

  2. If you have problems with your skin please consider luminesce serum

  3. Heidi, does the Clinique redness relief really work? I've seen good & bad reviews. My cheeks & nose are red mostly cheeks. I've been using EverDeep & really love it. BUT now that I've found out just how much much it REALLY is, it's just outrageous! I got a RiiViva for Christmas and I'm wondering if the results were from the EverDeep or the RiiViva?! I'm so befuddled :-(


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