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I´m SO excited to start this blog and share some inner & outer beauty tricks I´ve picked up lately.  So, now that you´re here, let me introduce you to the strongest belief behind this blog:

  Anyone who FEELS beautiful, will LOOK beautiful... with the help of some beauty tricks :)

This is the first "secret" I will share with you: the truth is ALL of us are beautiful!

The ONLY difference between people who are PERCEIVED by others as more beautiful is that some of  us have not realized yet how to make the best of what God/Nature/Genetics have given us.  And this secret is actually hidden behind some of the words people have used to communicate forever! 

 Let me show you an example: We all know how famous Italian artists and designers are for their good taste, exquisite designs and aesthetics, right?  Well, do you know what the Italian word for makeup is?

  "Trucco"!  Which also happens to mean "trick" (in both Italian AND Spanish). ;)  Looks like Italians have known for a LONG time that makeup is an art of ILLUSION, just like a magic trick.  As women, we are pretty fortunate to have a lot of "magic tricks" going around to help us look our best. And it doesn´t even stop with makeup!  There´s skin care, fashion, diet and fitness among many other areas where we can find tricks to share with each other!

This leads me to my second "secret":

A healthy mind and body always translate into a beautiful person... inside & out!

For example, we all know how drinking the right amount of water, improves everyone´s skin.  And... doesn´t a healthier skin make us feel more CONFIDENT and more BEAUTIFUL?  

Let this Italian and Argentinian woman use this little Blog to share with you some health & beauty tricks to reveal the true beauty in EACH and EVERYONE of us ...
.... let's start feeling more confident and as GORGEOUS as we´re INSIDE!

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  1. Man!...I hope I do not jinx it.. but you are so pretty!!..and flawless!!!...wow!!

  2. LOL Thanks! But no I'm not! Hair & Makeup tricks. I'm pretty average. But thanks again for the compliment! :)


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