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Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!

Today I wanted to share with you my opinion on these two Benefit makeup products: Benetint & Posietint. These are both lip and cheek stains. Benetint came out to the market first, and made Benefit very proud and very famous.
The main difference between them is that Benetint has a red/rosie shade, whereas Posietint has a poppy-pink shade.

I bought both, since I was a little unsure of which one would suit my complexion best, and I can't say I have a favorite. It really depends on the look or style I'm going for. I generally choose between them based on what I will be wearing that day.


On the next picture, you can see I've applied Benetint on my left cheek and left side of my lips and Posietint on my right cheek and right side of my lips.  Check out my YouTube video, to see exactly how I applied both.  This may be helpful also to decide which of the two is more suitable for you.

What I LOVE about Benetint & Posietint is that...

  • they give you a very natural blush and color to your lips, and you look almost as if you were wearing NO MAKEUP at all. It highlights the apples of your cheeks making you look more vibrant and ALIVE, with that soft coloring that babies have :) So, in my opinion, it is a wonderful ally to enhance our skin's natural beauty.

  • you can apply it on top of your foundation, or just over your skin on a day where you´re going for a really NATURAL look or just want to give your skin a rest, but still feel like you could use some color;

  • they come with a nail-polish-like bottle which makes it VERY easy to carry & apply;
  • though they're expensive, at least for my budget, one bottle should last probably between 1 and 2 years, depending on how frequently you use them and the intensity of color you like to achieve by repeating applications;

  • they NEVER caused me any allergies or breakouts, which is very valuable for me since my skin is very sensitive.

I think they´re both PERFECT to...

  • carry in your purse, for any unexpected situations you may want to look pretty for ( with just 2 minutes notice!);

  • give as a present to a teenager who´s just starting diving into the makeup world;

  • use to style yourself for the gym, or any outdoor activity you would normally not wear makeup to;

You should know BEFORE buying them that...

  • both Benetint & Posietint will stain your fingers when you apply them, BUT, you can solve this by quickly washing your hands after doing so;
  • for that same reason, always be very careful with your clothes;
  • application should be quick, or else it may leave some lines on your cheeks (check my YouTube video below for more instructions on how to apply);
  • in my opinion, the product has a long lasting effect BUT only on cheeks. This means, I generally need to reapply on lips during the day;
  • your lips may become a little dryer, specially with Benetint, so I would suggest you use a clear lip balm or
    moisturizing serum ON TOP to avoid this.  I personally use Ceralip Lip Repair cream from La Roche-Posay (check out my skin care tip video for more info on this product).  Benefit offers a Pocket Pal version of Benetint, which I haven't yet tried myself, but includes a gloss which I'm pretty sure is thought to avoid this too.

If you want to try these products before you buy the full size bottles, you can purchase one of Benefit kits ,  that include small versions or mini Benetint and Posietint bottles, as well as other products. It is probably a good advice for you to get something like this first, since all Benefit products are bit pricy, but IMO absolutely worth every penny!

Don't forget to leave me a comment or like and tell me what YOU think about these products.

Seize the day!  Have fun!  Decide to be happy!  LOVE YOURSELF!

Hope this was helpful :)

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  1. I Enjoy both these products as well.. I like to wear mine under the foundation or in the summer for at the lake to keep from looking too horrible without any makeup :)

  2. Yes, they're great Benefit products! They give you a natural blush, like you say Leslie perfect for informal outdoor activities :) Thanks for commenting lovely! <3

  3. I love both of these tints for cheeks! So lovely and natural looking when applied correctly! I am looking to purchase Cha Cha Tint next, a mango coloured tint :)

    Kate Xx

  4. So am I Kate! ChaCha Tint is def on my wishlist!

  5. I don't have either but have been eyeing them up at my local Benefit counter. The only thing other than the price holding me back is how they (well, the benetint exactly) would clean off my brushes. I have the acrylic Sam Chapman ones and use baby shampoo. Would you recommend?

    Fi xoxox

  6. They are pricey Fi. I agree! I would strongly recommend to anyone in doubt to buy the mini ones, and try them out. Also, I wouldn't use brushes to apply it. Just the nail polish brush it already has and my fingers seem to work well. Just keep in mind you have to clean your fingers before and after. xx

  7. I use a LOT of anti bac hand gel when doing my makeup (since having my radiotherapy) so am always sure of having my hands clean when doing my makeup (I even sanitize my makeup once a week too). Find it gets rid of an awful lot of makeup residue too! Going to ask for a mini one as it is my Birthday in a few weeks and I never know what I want! Funnily enough, the list is quite long this year!


  8. I'm so glad you thought it was helpful! Have you reviewed thebalm's stainiac? Never heard of it before!

  9. I did write a review for it, actually. It's here: http://bit.ly/1758U3U x

  10. I really want to try Benetint, I've tried so many cheaper 'dupes' but never the real thing! Loved reading this review x


  11. Had Benetint before and just can't get on with it, especially for the lips. It's okay on the cheeks but for the price it's just not worth it for me at all.

  12. I have to ask: why do you use such a heavy filter on your pictures (and videos)? One of the main reasons for this type of thing is to demo the color of the product. It's very hard (if not inpossible) to get an accurate idea of the color when you are so heavily filtering or tinting the picture.

  13. I have to ask: why do you use such a heavy filter on your pictures (and videos)? One of the main reasons for this type of thing is to demo the color of the product. It's very hard (if not inpossible) to get an accurate idea of the color when you are so heavily filtering or tinting the picture.

  14. This was my first ever video Love. Learning curve & old equipment with low definition. Watch my latest ones!


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