BEAUTY | Amazing Shiny nails WITHOUT nail polish ! Dead Sea Complete Nail Kit Review

Hi my Inside-Out Beauties!
To be honest, I´m pretty AMAZED by the results I got after using it.  It got my nails all shiny and polished, just like when you apply a clear nail polish on them, but WITHOUT using ANY NAIL POLISH AT ALL!  

When the salespeople at the mall showed it to me, I was so astonished and frankly I did NOT really believe it would work until I got home and tried it myself.  I guess it was too good to be true, as I´ve never seen anything like it, and that made me fear it was a scam or something like that...  But fortunately it was NOT!

Here's what you get on this kit (from left to right):
  1. A Nail File (this is a regular file, with a softer side, and a harder side).
  2. A Nail Pusher (to me, nail pushers are useless... I´m just not sure if pushing your nail is healthy).
  3. Nourishing Cuticle Oil  (leaves your cuticles really soft so you don´t need to push or cut them).
  4. A Nail Buffer (THIS is AMAZING.  You use each side for about 10 seconds: first the blue strip, then the burgundy strip and THEN the white strip.  That's ALL! In 30 seconds your nail will SHINE!).
  5. Hand & Body Lotion (All I can say is, I LOVE how it smells).
 This is how my nails looked AFTER I used the nail buffer and cuticle oil:

I have to say, your nails remain shiny until they grow.  So this product is PERFECT for women whose manicure never lasts, because they use their hands a lot due to their jobs.    For example, my mother and my brother´s girlfriend are both doctors.  They find it pointless to spend any money on manicures because they keep washing their hands several times a day, and many times with alcohol.  We all know what alcohol does to nail polish, right?  But OF COURSE they both really like how their nails LOOK when they´ve had a manicure, so this was quite frustrating for them.

I gave my mom one of this Dead Sea Nail kit as a present.  As I´m not sure HOW this product manages to get your nails looking so glossy WITHOUT nail polish, I was not 100% sure if this would last on her nails...  But after ONE week, her nails still looked all shiny!  I was SO GLAD!  Only to keep them as shiny as possible, she does a very quick touch up once very 7 or 10 days.  But that's just because she´s really into it now and she always wants to look her best :)  I´m pretty sure though, that the shine will last until your nails have grown considerably.

When I made my YouTube Review on this (see below), this Kit was 29 USD at Amazon.com.
So it seems to fluctuate a lot, so checkout this link, for an updated price.

Keep in mind, as I explained on my video, I did not buy this product at Amazon.com myseld, so I cannot speak on behalf of the person who sells it there.
But it did cost me WAY more at the mall!  So, it´s worth considering it, right?

If you MUST buy it at the mall... be prepared to NEGOTIATE their price!
DON´T let them overcharge you!

If you want to learn more about this Nail Kit and watch my video demoing this product, checkout part 2 by clicking here.

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  1. Hi Heidi!In which Mall you purchased this kit? I'm from the city of La Plata and I love to get these wonderful products, kisses Bella! <3

  2. Hola Amor! Sino me equivoco SawGrassMills de Miami

  3. Fijate que en Argentina hay una marca similar que se llama Maim también productos del mal muerto. Los he visto en stands en el Unicenter y en Easy.

  4. Inocente de mi que creía que se podían conseguir en algún shopping local! Gracias por el dato , voy a buscar esa marca que me decís...no me animo a comprar por Amazon ,aunque los precios son muy convenientes,me da miedito la Aduana !Gracias por el dato ...Kisses Bella!

  5. I could use something like this!



  6. I was just about to post that I need this and soon realized I already did!!

    I need thisssssss! Hehe

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